Maintenance organisation Part-145, FAA
Approval of TCCA

Aircraft Service Klatovy s.r.o. is a holder of authorization for maintenance and repair of aircraft according to the regulation EASA PART 145, reference CZ.145.0051, for details click here.

Our company is also holder of EU / Canada Agreement - Approval of TCCA Supplement for TCCA CAR 573, reference 819-02, see details here.

Recently, We received FAA approval to maintain N-registered aircraft with the ratings Limited Airframe, Limited Engine, Limited Propeller, Limited Radio, Limited Accessory, Limited Instrument, Limited Emergency Equipment. With this certificate, we can now more easily service and maintain your N-registered aircraft, see details here

We are currently focusing on the Cessna 100 series, Cessna 208 series, Zlin Z42/142/242/43 series, aircrafts according to Part-ML and the Short Skyvan SC-7. We perform regular and irregular aircraft maintenance, modifications, life time extensions, complete interior and exterior renovations, overhauls and repairs of parts on site.

We eliminate defects and damage, we provide avionics control and aircraft weighing. Spare parts warehouses and special maintenance workshops are located in the establishment.

Aircraft Service Klatovy is maintaining a well sorted stock of SC7 spare parts. Contact us with your inquiry